Windows & Climate Change: What You Should Know

Climate change is, unfortunately, an ever-looming threat to the planet. Even with global wealth disparities serving to somewhat insulate the global rich from climate change, there really is no place where you can go. However, there are countless ways that we can come together and change our trajectory, and windows are bound to play a big role.

As the climate changes, it’s important that every aspect of your home prioritizes both the short and long-term. When making decisions about homes or businesses, windows tend to be an afterthought. It doesn’t need to be this way—windows can and should be a key consideration moving forward for your home or business.


Durability is an absolute must when it comes to your windows and climate change. The reason for this is because as climate change ramps up, we will see extremes in temperature and weather. More aggressive winds, larger hail, and more debris are all likely in the coming years, which means more potential damage to your windows.


Next on our list is the efficiency of your windows. Energy-efficient windows work by reducing the energy transfer between the inside and outside of your home or business. This is done by creating robust, airtight seals using the frame, as well as reducing the amount of energy that light transfers to your home. This increased insulation can make you more comfortable with less energy overall. By using specialized double or triple-paned windows, you can maximize efficiency and health for the foreseeable future.

Ease of Function

An underrated but important aspect of a good window is the ease of function of the window. It’s not often considered, but in the event of an emergency, you’ll want your window to be easy to use and reliable for everyone who may need it. If you plan on replacing your windows, be sure to factor overall function and ergonomics into your decision-making.

Quality Materials

Even if the general design of your window is good, that doesn’t mean that your windows can be made of any old material. Quality construction has to be paired with quality materials in order to be maximally effective. Unfortunately, some companies use sub-par materials in their windows, which almost always leads to some issues. Our team only uses windows that we would personally trust, meaning they exceed the criteria for material quality and construction quality.

Trust Window Logic For Your Next Set of Windows

Whether you like to look ahead or keep your eye on the moment, you can’t go wrong with a well-made, energy-efficient window. From saving money to potentially improving your health, these windows can net improvements for you across the board. Our team at Window Logic would love to help you improve your windows today!

To learn more about how our windows can help you, be sure to contact our team today to get started!