About Window Logic

Window Logic is a patio door and window company in El Paso with services for all things entry and window replacement and installation. Founded in 2020, our young company already sports decades of combined experience in the industry. We use our passion for quality windows and doors to inspire us with each and every project. 

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Locally Owned & Operated

Locally owned and operated in the Sun City, our company was founded by Everardo Santibanez, an expert in residential construction and installation. After over a decade of experience in the field, Santibanez decided to open Window Logic and focus on his true passion—windows and doors!

Window Logic works all across the El Paso area, helping residents improve their homes one window at a time. 

A Passion For Windows

As our name suggests, Window Logic is crazy about windows. Often overlooked, windows can change the indoor feel and outdoor look of a home dramatically. Window technology has continued to improve with sliding doors and energy efficient windows, and with Alside Mezzo and NT Windows leading the way. As a new company, we’re passionate about the opportunity to provide cutting edge, efficient windows to our El Paso neighbors. 

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Our Mission

At Window Logic, our mission is simple: to provide quality, energy-efficient windows and doors to the citizens of El Paso. We know just how important quality windows and doors are to any home, so we strive to offer the best products and service to our customers. As our door and window company in El Paso continues to grow, we plan to keep on learning and improving our services. 


Our Vision

At Window Logic, our vision is simply to improve and expand our services across the West Texas area. While we are a new door and window company in El Paso, our staff boasts decades of experience and we’d love to grow and thrive by helping local homeowners. 

Our Finance Options

To better achieve our mission and vision, Window Logic offers financing options to accommodate those looking for new doors and new windows in El Paso. We believe that every homeowner should have access to modern windows and doors, which is what our team tries to achieve that through our financing deals that is perfect for saving money and getting quality doors and windows. 

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