The Latest Window Trends in El Paso

Everyone has a preference for how much natural light they like to have in their home. But now, new window trends are changing as home design is evolving. Most new window trends in El Paso are popping up due to efficiency and style. While we get less sunlight during the fall, these window trends work all the same and are here to stay. 

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Single-Hung Windows For Living Areas 

Single-hung windows have always dominated new window trends because they are classy and simple design choices for any home. The opening for these windows comes from opening up the bottom half of the window, allowing air to come in. The top portion of the window is fixed, allowing only one-way minimalist use. 

Double-Hung Windows for Kitchens

Double-hung windows are popular choices for kitchens and cooking areas. They allow for plenty of light and ventilation! These new windows operate through two sections, which maneuver as opposed to the one-way use of single-hung windows. That means either the top or bottom half of double-hung windows can be open at one time. They are rather easy to use as well, making cooking and cleaning all the more convenient! If you want this light aesthetic in your kitchen, consider window replacement.

Sliding Windows 

These windows open from side to side as opposed to traditional up-and-down windows. These new windows have risen in popularity because many homeowners find them easier to use than traditional ones! Sliding windows offer beautiful, picturesque views for your El Paso home. Better yet, they do not interfere with the airflow in your house. Considering they already let a lot of light in, there’s no need to open them! Window Logic can bring these sliding windows into your home today with window replacement!

Awning Windows 

Awning windows are great features for bedrooms. While these are older window designs, they are slowly trickling back into home designs of 2022. These window types are crank operated and are hinged horizontally so that they open outward. Even if you aren’t looking for too much sunlight in your bedrooms, these new windows are also great for ventilation and enjoying a cool breeze! 

Picture Windows 

If you’ve never heard of picture windows before, you are in for a treat! Picture windows are fixed but very big windows that usually have some decorative or minimal framing to create a picturesque setting. These new windows are some of the best if you are going for a perfect view and natural sunlight! If you are a work from home employee, these windows are perfect for home offices and getting that daily dose of sun! Get window replacement and add picture windows to your home today.

Architectural Shapes 

As the name suggests, these windows are more for aesthetic and design purposes than airflow and light. They come in a variety of special shapes and sizes, such as ovals, circles, and hexagons. With that being said, they can easily be customized to your taste and liking! The most common architectural windows include half-round or circle designs. 

Bay and Bow Windows 

You may have seen these windows most commonly placed in dining areas or nooks. These windows push space out to create a space specifically for light and areas that are set aside from the rest of the house. These windows are usually made up of three series that connect and open to a shared, large overall view. Bay windows are perfect if you are looking for versatile uses and are easily achieved with quick window replacement!

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