The Important Role Of Windows And Energy Saving

When we think about saving energy in our home, we typically think of turning off all of our lights, unplugging items we don’t use frequently, or keeping the A/C at a set temperature. These all will help you save some money, but sometimes it’s just not enough. If you’re wondering why your energy bill just can’t seem to decrease, or maybe you’re sitting at home and still feel uncomfortable with the temperature, it’s time to think outside the box. Energy-saving doesn’t just come from outlets and direct energy sources.

Think back to when you were young and getting yelled at about leaving the door open. True, it may let in a breeze, but the real concern was that it affected the insulation.

Windows often go overlooked when it comes to homes. This goes for renovations and for energy keeping. Here in El Paso, Texas, we have fluctuating weather conditions which means high, dry heat, and some dry cold weather. With the way our winds get year-round, there’s constant air that can enter your home.

So, what does this all have to do with windows?

Energy Efficient VS. Energy Conservation

Window placement and insulation are key to saving money overall. Both tie together to either make or break your home energy bill. We may think that energy efficiency will save us the most money, but it really comes down to energy conservation.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Energy efficiency means that you’re using less energy on your day-to-day tasks. This matters when it comes down to the type of lightbulbs you use, down to the power strips you use throughout your home.

Energy conservation connects directly with our daily habits. If you open your window blinds to let the sun warm up your home instead of your heater. Or even just shutting your computer down at night and keeping lights off in rooms that you’re not using.

Conservation makes the largest impact on your overall energy saving bill. By looking at how you can conserve energy, you can see how your home or apartment really lacks basic conservation.

This is where windows come into play and can create a disaster for those trying to conserve on using too much energy.

HVAC + Energy Efficient Windows = True Energy Saving

First off, it’s good to stay up to date with your HVAC system. Knowing when to get maintenance done on your system can prevent your entire system from overworking or underworking itself in general.

Now, going back to our constant El Paso winds and insulation. If you have a constant cool breeze coming through cracks in your window seal or frame, you can bet you’re wasting a large amount of energy. Your A/C or heating system will continue to click on and off throughout the day with the lack of insulation in your home. Some rooms may not cool down or heat up properly, leaving your home unbalanced in temperature. This too can make your HVAC system work way harder than needed.

Window Placement

So, we know that old window frames and windows that don’t provide the proper insulation can make your entire HVAC system overwork itself. However, that’s only part of the problem. Also, know that the placement of your windows has a huge effect over the seasons.

Using a large window to let the sun warm your home in the winter can also make your air conditioner work overtime during the summer. Try using different curtains throughout the year to make your HVAC system work in the best way possible.

Installing a new window or just getting rid of a particular one due to its placement can go a long way. A window that sits in the shade year-round might feel great during those blazing hot summer days, but keep in mind that you don’t want all your windows like this. During the colder months, you’ll want your home to get as much sunlight as possible to keep your walls warm. Many older homes and buildings have concrete walls which stay cool all day. This could make the inside of your home feel cooler than it should be.

Buying Local Matters

Quality windows don’t matter without a quality install team to install them. This becomes of huge importance when it comes to windows, their placement, and insulation. Depending on your region, you need a team that understands the weather and how it works. They can help you plan out window placements if you’re revamping your home or know the proper types of windows you will need for different spots around your home.

Window Logic Is Here For you

We know exactly how El Paso works when it comes to windows. We also take into consideration all of the factors that come into play when our summers get hot, and our winters get that dry, freezing wind coming through. We can help you plan and map out exactly which types of windows you will need to not only save money but feel comfortable year-round.