The Importance Of Insulated Windows During The Summer

With the summer heat of the Southwest in full swing, now most of us are trying to stay cool from sweltering, unforgiving weather. When you cool your home, you probably would want that cool air to actually remain in your home, keeping you cool for longer and reducing your energy bill. Your windows may actually play a larger role in that process than you know.

In this blog, we discuss the power of energy-efficient windows and why you should consider them for your home or business.

What Are Insulated Windows?

Insulated windows are windows that have multiple layers of glass instead of a single layer of glass. Within the spaces of insulated windows, there is normally a gas with a lower heat capacity or simply a vacuum. Insulated windows will usually have 2 or 3 panes with these sections between them.

The Different Parts Of An Insulated Window


The frame of your window is one of the most important parts of your window. A quality frame can determine how long your window actually lasts, as well as how it performs during that time period.


The glass in your window, as you could guess, is also incredibly important. Insulated windows tend to use “low-E” glass, which is short for low emissivity. Low emissivity glass is designed to block certain waves of light from the sun. This is useful because some UV light has the potential to damage items in your home like furniture.

Additionally, low emissivity glass helps keep heat inside the home, making you more comfortable and saving money.


The spacing in between panes of glass is what truly gives insulated windows their insulation properties. Depending on the type of window, the spacing between panes will vary, as well as what is actually in the gaps.

Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is simply the section of the window designs to keep the elements like rain, snow, dust, etc. out. The quality of your weather stripping will also play a role in how efficient your windows are, so this part should be good quality.

How Insulated Windows Help Your Home

  • Keep the summer heat out of your home, trap in heat during the winter

The most timely reason to make the switch to insulated windows is the summer heat that is washing over the Southwest. Once your A/C cools your home, your windows will help keep that air in and keep the warm air outside.

  • Reducing energy loss by 20-30%

If you happen to have very poor windows, you could actually reduce energy loss by a whopping 30% by upgrading to top-of-the-line insulated windows. While most people see a more modest energy loss reduction, you could still potentially save hundreds or even thousands yearly.

  • Decrease allergens getting into the home

If you struggle with allergens, especially in the spring and summer months, then you’ll probably want to invest in insulated windows. This is because, due to their design, they are actually better at keeping allergens out of your home.

  • Insulated windows are also quieter

The insulation provided by these windows is also great for mitigating the amount of sound that leaks into your home.

Choose Window Logic For Quality Insulated Windows

Window Logic offers an array of insulated windows designed to keep your home safe, efficient, and cool during the scorching summer months. For more information or to see what Window Logic can do for you, contact us today!