The Best Window Types for Homes in Warmer Climates

Most El Pasoans will say that living in the Sun City is an experience like no other, but with the heat it brings in the summer, it can definitely interfere with one’s quality of living. Windows take up approximately 15% of a home’s wall space so with that being said, finding the right window is important, especially when it comes down to keeping cool air in and the hot air out. We look at which windows perform best in warmer climates.

Double-Hung Windows

Heat alone can be very difficult to deal with, but when humidity comes into the picture, it’s even harder to keep your home cool and fresh, and most importantly, dry. With both heat and humidity, it makes it easy for moisture to become trapped in every corner, including your windows. With high enough humidity levels and a steep range in temperature between two sides of windows panes, condensation will thrive and stay. The key to solving this problem is maintaining the difference between temperatures outside and inside of your home. Double-hung windows are some of the best at controlling outside airflow in order to help meet temperature imbalance.

Sliding Windows

Sometimes, exposure to fresh air can help circulate warm air out of your house and circulate cool air in. Sliding windows are perfect for achieving more circulation in your home, in addition to the openness and scenery they provide. Some homeowners are wary of sliding windows, especially in high moisture areas because they can rust and interfere with the sliding and latch stick of these windows. However, you can always have a professional come in to assess the condition of your windows. A professional can also apply rust-resistant sliders and latches to help prevent this problem.

Casement Vinyl Windows

Casement windows are also an ideal option for those who have homes in warmer climates because they offer maximum ventilation. Casement vinyl windows are designed with a mechanism that cranks the window to the left or right. The surface allows for the panes to act as a sail that collects cool air and transfers it into your home. These windows also offer maximum lighting, making your home feel more airy and open. Couple with other features, these windows can illuminate several rooms in a home while also blocking out heat.

Triple-Pane Glass

Multi-pane glass windows are highly recommended by today’s standard for offering maximum energy efficiency not only in predominantly warmer climates but in any kind of climate zone. The insular space between these windows panes is successful in saving energy, ultimately reducing electricity and utility costs. That is because the space between the glass is filled with argon, an inactive gas. This gas provides better insulation than the surrounding air and is an especially viable option if you experience rather warm temperatures year-round. Because they are designed for hot climates, they do not perform as well in moderate to cool weather.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass has become an exceptional feature in window installation and replacement. Low-emissivity refers to the glass’ ability to minimize heat, even being able to block it out completely. The surface of this glass is coated with a microscopically thin film made out of metal oxide. This film on the pane works to allow light in but reflects its radiant energy. Because of its reflective abilities, this technology prevents the collection of heat in your home, ultimately working wonders during the warmer seasons. This should be a very considerable option for your home as heat gain can lead to high bills and an overworked HVAC unit.

Warm Spacers

While these are not windows, they are great features to be used on these fixtures. Air can easily escape through the edges of windows and doors and when air escapes, your home (mostly your HVAC unit) has to work harder to keep the property cool. Warm space bars are just what you need to prevent air from escaping. Warm spacers are bars placed around the panes of your windows. Made out of aluminum, modern-day warm spacers are more energy-efficient and can be made out of a variety of materials including plastic, foam, and rubber. Not only do they work to keep heat out but they are also great in preventing moisture from passing through window panes.

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