Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Entry Door

There are over 139 million homes and housing units in the United States.

While these homes vary in many ways, different sizes and styles all share one attribute. Every single one of these homes or housing units has an entry door or front door that allows access inside.

The entry door to your home may not be something that you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. Did you know that over time your door will start to fail, and will then need replacement? Here are a few signs you can watch out for that your entry door needs replaced.

1. Rising Energy Bills

Doors play a critical role in keeping our homes energy efficient. They keep out the weather, such as hot air during the summer and cold air during the winter. When the door ages, it can become less and less effective at keeping out the outside, allowing more air in.

When the door begins to let warm or cold air in, your HVAC system will have to work harder to compensate. Since your thermostat is set to a level that is comfortable for you, the system will continue to try and reach that temperature. This means your bill will see an increase in energy used.

With rising costs associated with energy bills and the impact it has on our planet, this can be a disaster. If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, check the door and windows. Both are avenues through which a lot of air can enter your home.

2. Damaged Door

It can be said that doors occasionally get slammed, but even with regular use, the damage will begin to appear. This is because the impact of opening and shutting begins to cause wear and tear on the door. If you live somewhere with strong wind, it might get slammed harder than you intend.

If you’ve noticed cracks or areas where the paint and finish have rubbed off, consider getting a new front door. A damaged door can change the entire way a house looks, making it seem older and more run down. Consider the impact that a new door could have on your home.

The unfortunate reality is that damage comes with the territory. Your door becomes damaged because it is doing its job, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it. Replacing old doors can make the house look better, and save you money.

3. You Feel a Draft

As doors and houses age they don’t always line up together. Over time, your door can warp because of atmospheric conditions and damage. This causes the door to no longer fit into the frame. Sometimes you can fix this but other times it will need a complete replacement.

If you notice that you can feel a breeze blowing from around your door, it is time to get a new one. One of the most common places you’ll feel this is from the bottom of the door, where it lets cold or warm air invade your home. You can take stopgap measures, like applying weather stripping, but the doors’ days are numbered.

The draft it allows through is going to cost you more than a new door will. Over time this draft will not only allow in cold or warm air but also allergens and other irritants. While you may not want to smell what your neighbor is cooking, with an old door, you will.

4. Excessive Moisture

Does your entry door have a window or piece of glass in it? If so, you may begin to notice water building up between the panes of glass, or condensation penetrating the window. If that happens, it is a telltale sign that the door needs to be replaced.

Windows in doors are often filled with a nonreactive gas like argon, which helps to increase their energy efficiency. When the containment of this gas fails, water and moisture will begin to invade. When that happens, the door is no longer functioning to keep your home warm or cool.

5. Difficulty Opening and Closing

If your door doesn’t open or close correctly, and for no apparent reason, you probably need to get it replaced. A door that doesn’t work is a pain, and it can be dangerous. You may find animals wanting in, or pets wanting out, and if the door isn’t shut they can escape.

This could not only endanger your pets, but it could also cause you a legal headache. If your pets escape you could end up having to pay a fine for them being at large. There is another, more distressing reality about a door that doesn’t close properly though.

Sometimes you may not even notice that the door isn’t closing right. If that happens, your home could be much more vulnerable to burglary. Open doors and an empty house are sure invitations to those who may want to steal your property.

6. Rotting Wood

Mold damage isn’t something anyone wants to have to deal with, but a faulty entry door can be a contributing cause of mold invading your home. The door is essential in protecting and securing your home, if water and wind can invade, so can mold.

If you notice that the frame of the door has become soft or chips away easily, rot is starting to occur. This can be expensive to replace if you don’t act fast, so make sure you get the door frame repaired and get a new door.

Your Entry Door Is The Gate To Your Home

An entry door is like the gate to the castle, in this case, your castle. Make sure you have a good, solid, and sturdy door that helps protect your house from the outside in all ways.

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