Low Maintenance Home Improvement: Autumn Tips

If you are like millions of Americans, you may be spending more time inside than normal. While the coronavirus pandemic has been somewhat well-contained abroad, it has wreaked havoc on the United States.

At time of writing, over 200,000 Americans have succumbed to the virus, with millions more having complications. As a result, Americans have dulled their social lives in an attempt to flatten the curve.

With everyone staying at home, people have looked for ways to improve their place. At Window Logic, we thought that a blog full of tips for these new homebodies could be a great primer for families looking to upgrade their space.

New Paint

Our very first tip is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to change the mood and look of your home. For most people, colors evoke certain feelings and impressions. For example, green is associated with life, while blue relates to water and coolness. If you want to change the feel of a room or the whole house, a couple of buckets of paint may be all you need.

Shake Up Your Layout

When people think about home improvement, they often think about new couches, chairs, TVs, etc. But you don’t even need to do that much! Just by simply rearranging your furniture, you may achieve the best results. The amount of improvement that can be made by just shifting your existing furniture around may surprise you!

Clear Your Cord Clutter

If you’ve got a lot of electronics in your home, you probably have a lot of cord clutter too. Desktops, lamps, TV’s, speakers—they all have cords that have to connect to an outlet to function. Sometimes too many cords end up in one place, and it could hurt the look of your home more than you may realize.

Luckily, millions of people have dealt with the issue of cord clumps, and there are some great products you could use to organize them. Once you clean up your cords, you’ll feel like your home is less cluttered and busy.

Change Up Your Cabinets

Another sneaky but important aspect of your home looking great is cabinets. Your cabinets in your bathrooms and kitchen play a massive role in the decor. If your cabinets no longer fit your style, new cabinets could be a

Liven Up Your Home…Literally!

Remember how we said that green is associated with nature? Well, how about bringing some of that green nature in with you? We often live our lives divorced from nature around us, but you can rekindle that connection with some plants in your home.

In addition to just making you and your family feel better, it can also act as a type of decoration. You could merge the colors of your plants with other elements of your home and give it a more relaxed, down-to-Earth feel.

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t sweat it. We’ve linked an article that offers some plant suggestions for the less skilled among us.

Take A Look At Your Fixtures

If your home just feels old but you can’t put your finger on it, take a look at your fixtures. Fixtures can silently sway the way that your home looks, and if you’re not paying attention you may change everything but them.

Changing your fixtures doesn’t have to break the bank, either. There are hundreds of cheap, stylish fixtures for you to choose from these days. By saving up just a little money, you can completely change the way some of your rooms feel.

Modernize Your Home

If you’ve got a little more income and you’re looking to make a splash, technology could be the route. There’s no shortage of smart home devices that you could employ to make your home stand out and more functional.

If you want to save some money, a smart thermostat may be a good option for you. Smart thermostats look great and help to optimize your HVAC system, saving you money. Devices like the Google Home and Amazon Echo are easy hubs to control other devices from, like dimming lights, playing music on the home stereo, or turning up the A/C.

From small devices like the Amazon Dot to massive smart refrigerators, the possibilities are vast in that market.

Replace Your Windows

This list of simple home improvements wouldn’t be complete without mentioning windows. Windows, we feel, simply do not get the love or respect they deserve. Next to changing your paint scheme, changing your windows is one of the best, simplest ways to improve your home.

At Window Logic, we take pride in the windows we provide and the installation services that we offer. We know that window installation has a fantastic ROI, especially if they are stylish and energy-efficient. If you have aging, poorly functioning windows, Window Logic can help!