Different Types of Windows: Choosing What is Best for Your Home

If you’re looking for a new home or are currently undergoing renovations, windows might play a significant factor in the decision-making process. For some homebuyers, the kinds of windows they find can either make or break a deal for them. You might also just be looking for the right type of windows for your home but don’t know where to start or what to look for. If this is the case, the professionals at Window Logic are here to help. We take a look at the most common kinds of windows and what each has to offer.

Single-Hung Windows

These are usually the most affordable options when it comes to windows, and they can be found in most homes. Single-hung windows have a bottom panel that can move up or down when you release the lock. The upper panel remains still always. These kinds of windows are best for starter homes, and they seldom have a problem with slippage.

Double Hung Windows

Like single-hung windows, the difference in double-hung windows is that both panels, top, and bottom, can be opened and moved up or down. These kinds of windows are some of the best air circulators. They work at allowing as much air possible to flow in or out. Most people also find these kinds of windows to be very appealing, and they can also be customized, adding a touch or more character to the rooms they are in.

Bay Windows

If you have a corner in any of the rooms in your home with a great view, bay windows are a perfect choice. These windows usually come in threes, creating a curvature along the exterior of your home. Better yet, you can always use more than three! Although, these kinds of windows lean more towards the pricier side. Nonetheless, they are an attractive choice.

Picture Windows

If you’ve ever seen windows that take up most of the space on a wall, those are picture windows. These kinds of windows are also a good choice when you have an aerial view or amazing scenery right outside of your home! The only downside to picture windows is that they cannot be opened. But you can apply them to the dimensions you would like best.

Skylight Windows

Skylights are often found in restrooms to provide natural light and ambiance. Skylights can also be added in hallways or even in your living room if your roof has north and south-facing curvatures. Most skylight windows can be opened. It mainly depends on where you are buying these windows from and how they can be installed onto your roof.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are like single-hung windows, except these open horizontally instead of vertically. The windows elongate over the width of your walls, with one window that is equipped to slide open over the other window. These windows usually come in large sizes, but you can still find excellent deals with this choice.

Storm Windows

These windows operate as single-hung or double-hung windows, except they are pushed more outward to keep your home safe. They are designed to prevent a draft, and they are also made to keep cold air from coming in and hot air from leaving your home. If you live in an area where inclement weather is the norm, this is a considerable choice.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the right choice if you’re always looking for fresh air. These windows slide out, or to the side, to open. Although it offers a less obstructed view, they still provide lots of natural light since they tend to come in large sizes. These windows usually come in two; that way, you don’t have to open just one. You could even open two windows at the same time.

Awning Windows

These kinds of windows are popular more up north in the United States, but they make a great piece to your home. They can also be found in the kitchen, should you feel the need to let aromas escape. They are usually small, which is why they are built-in kitchens. You can even have these open when it rains due to their built-in resistance.

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