Best Patio Doors For Your El Paso Home in 2022

Now that you are looking into replacing your patio doors, you have to break down your options by the following: the type of door and the type of material. When looking into your options, you need to keep security, your home’s aesthetic, and how you want your entryway to look. Not familiar with patio doors? That’s no problem because we discuss everything you need to know about these doors, their styles, and materials. 



The most basic patio doors are sliding doors. These doors are fit for modern homes with homeowners looking to conserve and create more space. They provide plenty of natural light and bring the outdoors inside! These doors do not need any clearance inside or out because they do not swing out like French doors. This makes it easier to rearrange furniture without worrying about a door hitting anything inside your home. 

Hinged (French) 

If you’re looking for a timeless and classic look, then French doors are a great option! In addition to their aesthetic, they are sturdy and are known for keeping homes well-secured. Because of the hinge, they can open inward and outward. Typically sold in a set of two, these patio doors can also be sold in a set of three! Although, if you are interested in a set of three, only one of the doors would be designed to open. 


These doors are designed to slide and fold against themselves when being opened. These doors can come in a set starting from two doors and up. These patio doors are great if you are looking to bring more natural and outdoorsy elements into your home. If you have a beautiful backyard you would like to show off, these are just the right doors for you! 


A bit similar to bifold doors, multi-slide doors stack instead of folding amongst each other. So when you open one door, it will slide and stack on top of the others. These patio doors are perfect for large decks and patios because they are usually sold in several pieces. If you want an expansive and sophisticated panoramic view, these doors can help bring that elegant transition into your home. 



Fiberglass tends to run a little more expensive than other materials, but that is only because it promises durability. While solid and sturdy, the material is rather lightweight, leaving the glass looking smooth. Fiberglass is a smart option if you are looking to prevent warping, fading, and damage from severe weather conditions including extreme fluctuations in temperature. This makes the material an energy-efficient product. 


Wood is a beautiful, low-maintenance, and durable option to furnish your patio doors. This material looks especially nice on French doors. Although, wood may be susceptible to: 

  • Water damage 
  • Swelling
  • Damage from frequent temperature changes
  • Damage from humidity and precipitation 

These are just a few things to keep in mind when looking into purchasing wood materials. 


Vinyl is a popular option for doors because the lightweight material is designed for energy efficiency. Even better, vinyl performs well in rapid temperature changes and does not damage easily. While vinyl materials are less expensive than wood, it is not as durable as wood. With that being said, it would take more extreme levels of damage such as hitting or kicking to affect the material. 


This material is one of the strongest and most solid all while offering low maintenance. It does not corrode or rust, making it an ideal material for sliding patio doors. It is also a lightweight material. The only downside to aluminum that you should consider is that it does not insulate very well, therefore you might see an increase in your heating and cooling bills. 


Very similar to aluminum, steel is low maintenance, but it is the most durable out of all the material types for patio doors. Steel can withstand several kinds of harsh weather conditions and sudden fluctuations in temperatures. While aluminum does not rust, steel is susceptible to rusting. As such, homeowners may have to regularly paint the material to touch up their doors. 

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